Garage Flakes with Double-Thick Urethane Sealer

Many of our customers and people who call to book us say that our garage floors are the best they’ve ever seen. After about 100 ksf of floors you could say we’ve learned a thing or two. Some companies claim they have a 1-day system. That’s a laugh really.

Day 1: The long day!

  • Of course we diamond grind to ICRI level 2-3.
  • We also treat the stem walls (the little curb around the perimeter) to accept epoxy as well.
  • Drip edges are cleaned up by hand in order to create and edge that will wear gracefully over time and not fall off in chunks later.
  • Then after filling the cracks and edging the perimeter by hand,
  • we thoroughly clean the dust.
  • Finally we apply a 100% solids tinted epoxy and
  • fully flake the entire floor wall-to-wall with the best quality vinyl flakes.

Day 2: The easy day!

  • We recover about 40% of the flakes then
  • scrape twice,
  • sand twice and
  • vacuum twice before applying a
  • UV Stable Urethane top coat at 150 to 175 sf/gal.

Urethanes are well known in our industry for withstanding very heavy loads and high traffic. The viscosity is thin enough to fill in all the minute voids in the flake but still has enough body to have some self-leveling properties. The label says to apply at 300 sf/gal which is fine for a smooth epoxy floor but we feel that applying at 150 to 175 sf/gal gives us a nicer look (less roller marks) and a stronger floor.

Did You Know? The flakes actually serve to protect the epoxy. The epoxy seals and strengthens the concrete and the flake protects the epoxy from damage by UV radiation. The Urethane of course protects the flakes an is very sanitary.