Custom Metallic Systems

Yes. We’re those guys. Beautiful pigments and highlights. Choosing a metallic floor for your home or business is a bold choice. We’ve seen several installs from other companies but we know what it takes to construct a quality, hand crafted system that is beautiful and long lasting.

Days 1-5: Taking several days, the actual length of the prepping depends on the size of the job and the condition of the concrete.

  • Secure our work space with plastic and tape
  • Grind the floor to ICRI 2-3
  • Fill in the cracks and spalls
  • Thoroughly clean the dust
  • Apply primer coat at 5 to 7 mils
  • Tint the base Epoxy

Days 6., 7, 8: Base Coat, Metallic Coat, Sacrifice Coat

  • Sand and Inspect every inch of the epoxy applied the day before
  • Apply the 100% solids Epoxy

Day 9 Final inspection and clean up

Our Certified Service Technicians are not only talented but also understand the different types of epoxies, application techniques, timing and proper substrate prep. If you’re getting the sense we are a quality-first operation then you’re correct. Without the proper investment of time and resources you cannot make a quality floor. If the prep is not right then making a beautiful floor is very challenging.