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A Polyaspartic system is a very tough and durable system with the advantage that you can drive or work on it in hours whereas epoxies take four to ten days. Choose a Polyaspartic system when your return to service requirement is critical. We’ve applied Polyaspartic in garages, industrial plants, laboratories and laundries. The process is similar to a flake system and does take 2 days (minimum depending on prep) to install.

Some companies are advertising a 1-day garage flooring system using Polyaspartic. We feel this is a folly since proper prep takes nearly all day to begin with. Then there’s a 1 to 2 hour cure time before cleaning the flake and adding another layer of Polyaspartic. That’s a long day. It can be done but unless the techs are getting paid OT, they’ll cut corners on the prep. Also, despite the thinner viscosity of Polyaspartic compared to a self-priming epoxy, word in the shops and supply houses is that Polyaspartic really has not been adhering to the concrete as well as epoxy. Epoxy’s longer cure time allows more time for penetration. Plain and simple.

So, Polyaspartic is a great system. It should last about 6 to 7 years and it’s real value is returning to service in hours.

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