Metallic epoxy floor money saving tips.

Black Metallic Epoxy Flooring In Dallas Texas

Metallic epoxy floors are a bolds choice for your home and we realize that they are not cheap! Let me share with you what I tell my clients during my estimation process on how to get your beautifully crafted metallic floor at a more reasonable cost.

The best way to save money is to do your own demo. Ripping up carpet or floating laminate floors is very simple. On a 1500 sf install you can save thousands by doing your own demo.

Pulling up carpet is easy. usually below the carpet is a glued down carpet pad. Around the perimeter of the room will be tack strips nailed into the concrete. Use a pry bar or nail remover to pry out the nails. Some nails are stubborn and don’t pop out. Leave it, we’ll knock it flat with our grinders. Floating laminate floors are even easier put a pry bar under one end and lift up. You find all the other planks will pull apart easily. Simply make small stacks and tape them together before putting them out for bulk trash.

There are a couple of tips I’d like to share about removing carpet. Using a carpet knife, cut the carpet into 4×4 sections. Then you can simply stack up the sections into small piles, tie them together and set them on the curb for bulk trash. When you pop out the tack strip you will leave spalls (holes) in the concrete, don’t worry because we will fill in cracks and spalls as part of your epoxy floor installation.

Demo porcelain tile yourself but leave the thin set. Cover the tile with a canvas drop cloth before smashing it with a small sledge hammer. The canvas helps protect you from sharp flying pieces of tile. You’ll also need a long handle scraper, broom, metal dust pan and plenty of heavy duty trash bags. Always use eye protection, gloves and long sleeves. We do charge a small fee for removing the thin set but our fast grinders and professional dust collection equipment are well worth the money.

Finally, choose a color that looks fantastic without highlights. Silver and Ginger are my two favorite epoxy resin pigments that look great on their own.

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