Installing a seamless floor in your home is a bold decision. Whether it’s epoxies or full polish, the Smallcrete family provides stunning floors, works of art (conversation pieces if you will) Yes there are “cheaper” installers in North Texas but we’ve found that homeowners are willing to pay a little extra to ensure a quality outcome. We provide the same level of installation¬† care in residential settings as we do for our industrial consumers.

Apart from our excellent garage system, the most sought after floors we provide are Metallic Epoxies and Full Mechanical Polishes. Aside from thier beauty we are very proud of our construction process that ensures your investment in time and money will last a very long time.

We love spending time building relationships in order to fully understand our client’s desires while also setting expectations about the process and outcomes. Beware of installers that immediately jump up saying “I can do that!” just after seeing your vision picture from Pinterest .

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